Healing Arts and Hands by Audra

Audra is best known for expressionistic/intuitive paintings using acrylic paint. She's inspired by vibrating colors, meditation music, animals, dreams and everyday life.

Audra: "In the past art was for personal expression of my own life/spiritual journey.  This journey has taken me further than I had ever been before. Culminating in the creation of intuitive paintings during meditation. Some say the energy and the message can be felt as a deep calling to one's soul."

You can commission an intuitive painting.  This is a spiritual art form using acrylic paint, the heart, intuition, vibrating colors and meditation music. You can provide a picture of your pet or a loved animal to be painted. 


Many of the paintings are displayed at The Healing Factory, and range in prices from $ 75 to $ 125

For custom orders the price depends on the size of the canvas. 

Most portraits are 11" x 14"

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